Welcome to Water Polo University


Learning to play? WPU lets you learn the skills in your own space, from your own home. From eggbeater to playing the foul, it's all here, all the time.


With over 100 drills available, you can watch high quality video of how to run each drill, sample instructions, difficulty ratings and the breakdown of which drills are useful for which players.


Coming soon to WPU is our interactive referee development tool, allowing referees to learn signals, watch simulated games to identify when to call, and develop an understanding of the rules.

WPU has transformed our club from beginners into serious contenders to win medals in our competition. Our players can learn at their own pace, and when they come to training, they are already familiar with the drills that we run.

- Josh S, President, Arctic Water Polo Club

Case Studies

We've been piloting WPU with clubs across Australia. Read our case studies to hear about how we've been improving the quality of water polo nationwide. Some of the clubs already using WPU: